For those who are looking for adventure and extreme diving, far from big mega resorts and hotels, we dive very interesting alternatives.

Cenotes in Merida

Magical, captivating, full of history and anthropological remains. We sleep in “colonial Haciendas” (over 2 centuries old) or we camp in the jungle. There is also the option of leaving early morning and returning car late at night to sleep back in your hotel

Diving in the Gulf of Mexico, Holbox Island:

Departing from Holbox Island. We have 3 diving choices:

The sunken ship “barrels” at 120 feet deep, very few divers have seen this place, an oasis of life, a burst of adrenaline.

The “pozas”, mega bells in the seabed, were certainly large cenotes but today are immersed in the sea a few miles off the coast, only very skilled divers.

Los Picos, where the continental shelf ends and Caribbean Sea begins, is an underwater mountain 100 kilometers away from the coast. There is a place where the peaks of these mountains reach only 40 ft and peak-to-peak there are valleys full of life that awaits you.

Diving on Chinchorro reef

In the southern part of the country there is a place called Mahahual. From there, when the weather is nice, we can sail to Chinchorro reef, the less known and visited of the Mexican Caribbean reefs. Chinchorro reef is far from shore, we dive 3 tanks.

Also in that area Mahahual and Xcalac are delightful, a dive not to be missed.

Exploration projects in remote caves

Some virgin cenotes are so far away that we have to use special vehicles to reach them or we need Sherpas to carry the heavy load. Sometimes we need a night out or to hire a local guide to get into the dense jungle.

We take care of all this, just tell us what you want to do and we will make the arrangements, it’s our passion.


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