Useful information for planning your dive trip


WHAT CURRENCY DO I BRING?Ideally bring USD, once you are here change them to Mexican pesos for souvenir shopping, restaurants, taxis and other payments. Getting pesos from an ATM is also a good choice, commissions are very low, 2 to 3 USD local bank commission.
DO I NEED TO BRING SCUBA GEAR?We all like to dive with our own gear. If you do so, we have a storage area in our dive shop to store your gear every day. If you have no scuba gear or can not bring everything we have rental equipment for you.
DO I NEED ANY ESPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS TO DIVE IN CENOTES?You do not need any special qualifications to do so, the cavern area is accessible to all. A Full cave certified guide, divemaster or higher lead the group with no more than 4 people per guide. The caverns enjoy a perfect visibility and not completely dark, making the experience affordable for those who believe that they might be claustrophobia.
WHAT WETSUIT DO I NEED?The water temperature of the sea water is 75 to 85 degrees depending on the time of the year. A 3mm wet suit should be enough. The water temperature of the cenotes is constant 73 degrees all year. We move very slowly and wearing a 3mm wetsuit for some people is not enough. Add a shorty on top or a diving hood .and you should be fine If you bring your own 3mm wet suit we offer you an extra 3mm shorty at no extra cost.
WHAT KIND OF TANKS DO WE DIVE WITH?Aluminum tanks 80 cubic feet are the most common. We have some DIN valve tanks. If you have a DIN regulator we strongly recommend you to bring an adaptor.
WHAT KIND OF PLUGS ARE THERE?We have the American flat pins at a voltage of 110V. We also have European connections at 220V in the dive center.
ARE THERE MANY MOSQUITOS?The critical times are the beginning of rainy season from May-June , later on it decreases the number of mosquitos. Avoid dawn and dusk outdoors or near lagoons, cenotes and wetlands.
WHAT ABOUT HURRICANES?Hurricane season lasts from june to november. It does not mean we have hurricanes every year. Hurricanes are tracked very efficiently and we know in advance when is comming so we can be prepared. The last hurricane category 5 was in 2005. Most of the years during this season we enjoy a nice weather except for some casual tropical storms. You should always follow weather forecast previous to your flight to México

All hotels have anti-cyclonic shelters for guests who choose to stay. It has been over 15 years that nobody dies in Quintana Roo by direct causes of a hurricane.
WHAT TIME OF THE YEAR ARE THE BULL SHARKS AND WHALE SHARSK HERE?The bull shark are here from November to March. The whale shark are here from late May to early September
DO YOU HAVE GAS MIX SUCH AS NITROX O R TRIMIX?Of course, if ordered a day earlier, we have up to 40% nitrox for recreational divers and decompression mixtures for technical divers from 40% to 100% oxygen and ternary as hypoxic trimix, normoxic, and standard mixtures DIR Triox , we also have modern oxygen and Helium analyzers. We also have sofnoline for rebreathers
CAN I CHANGE SOME DAYS IN A DIVE PACKCAGE?Sure. You may change 1 day of your dive package or even ask for a new package for you
HOW TO GET FROM CANCUN AIRPORT TO PLAYA DEL CARMEN?You got a few options here. Hiring a taxi at the airport, not the cheapest but fast. ADO bus company offers rides hourly from Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen and back. Do you need a private transfer? we will make the arrangements for you, just contact us



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