The Juan Escutia is probably the best wreck diving in the area. A few years ago, the now former president of Mexico Ernesto Zedillo, diving enthusiast decided to sent some old warships to sink to create an artificial underwater reef. Juan Escutia was sank in Puerto Morelos, the ship got the name from one of the heroes of Mexico.

The wreck lies at 100 ft deep. It is suitable for diving without doors or windows. Some emergency exits have been opened to ensure safety while diving inside.

The wreck is located in Puerto Morelos Marine Park, and attracts a lot of underwater life. It is one of the best diving in the Riviera Maya. We usually find many snappers, groupers, angelfish and puffer fish among others. Eagle rays are found very often flying around.

How is diving in Juan Escutia wreck?: We go to Puerto Morelos by vehicle and and take a diving boat from there. The wreck is only 10 minutes sailing.

We add to this adventure a dive into one of the most amazing cenotes in the area, El Zapote. Inside, there are strange formations bell shapped. The way they were formed is still a mystery and scientist are formulating theories about it.


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