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Cenote diving is a unique activity found exclusively on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, where cenotes, or freshwater sinkholes, are interconnected by underground rivers. Diving in a cenote is an exciting experience that takes you through a world of stalactites, stalagmites, crystal-clear waters, and underwater caverns.

To dive in cenotes, it is necessary to have an advanced diving certification and prior diving experience. Cenote diving is different from any other type of diving as it immerses you in a network of underwater caves that can be claustrophobic if you are not prepared. It is important to have a certified diving guide to avoid any risks and to learn about the peculiarities of the cenote you are in.

Before entering the cenote, your diving guide will provide you with a safety briefing and teach you cave diving techniques. During the dive, divers will have the opportunity to explore the underwater landscape of the cenote, passing through subaquatic galleries, caves, and narrow tunnels. Cenotes have exceptional visibility, making diving even more impressive.

Cenotes are also an important place for Mayan history and culture. The ancient Mayans considered cenotes sacred and believed they were gateways to the underworld. In some cenotes, you can see remains of pottery and other offerings from the Mayan era.

Cenote diving is an exciting and unique activity that offers a diving experience completely different from any other type of immersion. By exploring the underground rivers, tunnels, and caves of cenotes, divers can experience the beauty and majesty of underwater environments while learning about the rich history and culture of the Yucatan Peninsula. If you have the opportunity to dive in cenotes, do not hesitate to try it; it will be an experience you will never forget.

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Best Seasons:All year around
Popular Location:Riviera Maya

Cenote Tours

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